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One of the many reasons I love this movie is for this really stylized way of showing violence. It reminds me of paint splatters or broken glass to represent blood. I thought it was pretty fantastic. Also the whole imagery of the people wronging them turning into monsters. I love it.









You’ve all just like, completely skipped over the possibility that this crow has seen people using pens in this room, found one, and is trying to return it. There’s been videos of crows picking up sweet wrappers and stuff and placing them in bins after seeing humans put their litter in bins. I really do believe that this crow is trying to return the pen and that is ADORABLE AS HELL. 

Another cool crow deal: Once, when trying to assess if crows could reason and use tools, scientists had two crows who didn’t know each other each take a wire from a table (one was hooked, one was straight) and try to grab meat from a bottle with it. The crows could see each other, though they had separate bottles. Only the straight wire worked for this, so they hypothesized that if crows could reason, the second trial would have the two crows fighting over the straight wire. The second trial started and, to the surprise of the scientists, the two crows both went for the bent wire, one held it down and the other unbent it. They both got meat out of their bottles. They came to a peaceful solution without verbal communication. Crows are probably smarter than we are.

I love crows. Bird behavior in general interests me and corvids especially have shown really high levels of intelligence.

There’s a video on youtube somewhere where a thirsty little crow is at an amusement park, and he finds some humans with a water bottle. He starts pecking at the cap and at first the people didn’t catch on, but he kept persisting, trying to get at the cap.

It took a little bit for the humans to get it but they unscrewed the cap for him, and filled it with water and he drank from it.

The crow was so used to seeing people drinking out of these magical liquid containers and he knew exactly where it came out of and was able to communicate what exactly he wanted.

Planet of the Crows

Crows = the best birds. 

(Source: sickpage)


Done out of curiosity. I marked each POC with a blue dot on the roster that I did. A couple of notes I want to point out, notes that are facts only and any interpretations of the facts are not of my doing:

  • There are more POC in the show than shown on this roster.
  • Only one POC does not have a speaking role on this roster as far as my memory goes.
  • Of all the POC, six of them have regular speaking roles and importance to be considered main or secondary characters.
  • None of the staff members at Kadic Academy are considered POC that we know of, barring the Italian teacher who is best left up to being unknown

Yumi Ishiyama and her family are of special interest. Not only are they POC (Japanese), but they’re more than just labeled Japanese, having their culture and lifestyles become a huge point of the show—people misspeaking Chinese to them, the Japanese-style set-up of their house, how and what they eat, as well as heirlooms and games they play. As well as this, many of the non-Japanese characters learn and ask questions about her culture as the show goes on. This is the only opinionated thing I’m presenting, because showing the culture rather than just labeling someone “Japanese” or “Chinese” or “South African” is leaps and bounds beyond just saying they’re “Japanese” and leaving it at that.

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